Tuesday, 7 May 2013

EXPO Interview: HR expert Karolina Kondovski

Shoalhaven Business Exchange EXPO
Friday 17th May, 1pm - 3pm
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tel: 4423 3582 

Workshop 4: 
Workplace Structure, Protocol & Rules 
- for all generations! 
Knowing about compliance and your requirements as an employer.

Karolina Kondovski
Director, KMB Resources

How would you describe your role in business?
Principally, we lead and guide organizations through process of organizational design and development, strategic utilization of employees, development of business goals, oversee, and keep talent management and development in check. We assist organizations to improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and development of plans for improvement, while ensuring we keep a close eye on compliance.

What are some of the key HR issues for regional businesses?
 The significant issues for business today is to keep in step with workplace obligations while they continue to look for innovative and creative competitive edge operational methodologies that deliver on efficiencies and bottom line.   

The key HR issues are the same for all business irrespective of locality

·        Compliance with legislation
·        Compliance with Industrial Relations
·        Recruitment Management 
·        Employee Development & Retention
·        Performance Management
·        Performance Reviews
·        Employee Compensation such as salary, bonus, incentive etc.

How have attitudes changed over generations?
Traditionally, the role of Human Resources in many organizations was more closely aligned with personnel and administration functions, payroll orientated and linked to finance.  Still these bastions of old thinking continue to pervade organisation with the assumption that HR can be easily undertaken by a well organised Payroll Officer, Executive Assistant or Administrations Manager.
Today, as the impost and governance of legislation washes over business and the need for competitive thinking becomes the driver for success, HR & Business Management Consulting seems to have grown in esteem and a sought after skill set, gaining momentum across small and large business.

What business leader inspires you and why?
Jack Welch – GE – CEO  he was the early and insightful business leader to recognise that HR was vital to business growth and had a significant role to play in the evolution of strategic business;
• he proposed that these 3 rules for business in understanding and promoting HR be on the agenda of every business - I agree and apply these at every opportunity.
1. Directors  and executives need to get the importance of HR. Most importantly, they need to understand that they probably aren’t very good at HR themselves and need to find somebody who is.
2.  Exceptional HR people are both pastors and parents. They have to listen like a pastor and maintain confidentiality, but they have to tell it straight like a parent.
3.  HR needs to pound the table to get a voice in the organization. Riding along, being a bureaucrat, or playing less than a critical role in the organization is unacceptable

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